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                    Abrasive Paper-Rolls

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                    Supply Capability:
                    10000m2 m2/month

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                    Specifications of Abrasive Paper-Rolls:


                    Aluminum Oxide Abrasion Paper Roll
                    Material: Aluminum oxide
                    Resin: High strength resin
                    Size: 1.38MX100M
                    Color: Red
                    Grit: P36-P800
                    Features: 1>Tough abrasive grain

                    2> Good aggression

                    3> Flexibility

                    4> Long life performance

                    5> Low polishing cost in total


                    Usage/Applications of Abrasive Paper-Rolls:

                    A.Hard wood working;


                    B.Wood and synthetic grinding and polishing


                    C.Metal grinding


                    Packaging & Delivery of Abrasive Paper-Rolls:

                    plastic , kraft paper. or as your demand


                     Abrasive Paper

                     Abrasive Paper

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