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                    Double Loop Tie Wire From China Supplier High Quality

                    Ref Price:
                    Loading Port:
                    Payment Terms:
                    TT OR LC
                    Min Order Qty:
                    5 m.t.
                    Supply Capability:
                    50000 m.t./month

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                    Item specifice:

                    Material: Galvanized Iron Wire,Iron Wire Cross Sectional Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh
                    Type: Galvanized,U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire Wild in Width: 1.1M Surface Treatment: galvanized
                    Status: In Hard State Thickness: Metal Thick Wire Galvanized Technique: Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

                    Product Description:

                    Product description

                    1. Wire style: 

                     Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

                    Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

                    2. Use:  

                    Mainly used in communication equipment, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, construction, handicrafts and other industries.

                    we can be made according to customers specific requirements 

                    3.Features of Galvanized Wire:

                    Material: low carbon steel wire  

                    Tensile Strength: 400--580Mpa 

                    Standard wire gauge for electro galvanized iron wire: From 8# to 16#

                    Hot-DIP galvanized iron wire standard wire gauge: From 8# to 24# 

                    We has devoting ourselves to producing and trading for 10 years,eatablishing a good relationship with the company of US,Canada,Mid easten and so on.


                    Product name

                     high quality double loop tie wire from china supplier

                    LengthAs your request
                    CoatingAs your demand
                    Production QTY:1000tons/month
                    Delivery time:20days after payment
                    Payment terms:T/T,L/C
                    Application:Binding Wire
                    RemarksNo rust


                    product size:(other size as your demands)
                    Wire GaugeSWG in mmBWG in mmIn Metric System mm

                    High Quality Double Loop Tie Wire From China Supplier

                    Factory photos

                    High Quality Double Loop Tie Wire From China Supplier

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                    Q:Wire nut connection question?
                    8 gauge wire is fairly heavy so I'll assume that this is not a low power application such as speaker drivers. I assume you want to do this because you don't have a proper connecting method of adequate size and you do have a couple of smaller size wire nuts. The proposed configuration would not be acceptable by any electric code for utility wiring for this reason. If one of those wire nut connections should fail, say due to corrosion or mechanical damage, the remaining connection would be required to carry the entire current load that both would normally share. This would no longer be adequately protected by a circuit breaker sized for the full 8 gauge wire. A high resistance point is developed with a high fire risk. Also the wire nuts would not be able to shield the conductors beyond the end of the wire insulation sheath. The exposed wire portions would need additional protection from incidental contact by some future service person. Please don't do this. Not a good practice.
                    Q:where can i find a wiring diagram for a nissan frontier 2002 wires going into stereo?
                    Like John suggested Adapter plug for a aftermarket radio fee any the position from 10 to 20 funds that way you dont go by the fuss with slicing the inventory harness and blowing a circuit or perhaps worse voiding your assure the dealership like to discover something thats no longer in assure to make you pay for it.
                    Q:How do I wire my Phone Lines?
                    (links just for reference, from search engine results)
                    Q:what size wire does a dryer outlet take?
                    Dryer is 220V and usually 30 amperes. Go with 10 gauge or larger (smaller number).
                    Q:Mitsubishi L300 1993 stereo wiring diagram?
                    Hi, okorder.com/
                    Q:Is Lime Wire bad for your computer?
                    Yeah...(If you download right now we will send you a bunch of spyware and virus' for absolutley nothing.*) *Note Lime Wire is not responsable for any damage that my occur to your computer as a result of downloading MP3s from Lime Wire.
                    Q:What is a wire trasnfer ?
                    its just a transfer of funds from one account to another --- usually overseas --- most intracountry transfers can be accomplished online today ---- it depends on how much you need to transfer and to whom --- there are much easier and cheaper ways to transfer funds --- credit cards, international transfers such as western union, international postal orders ---- have fun
                    Q:Tailight wiring help for 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650r?
                    The wire that is hooked to the tail light BODY is the ground wire.One wire goes to the brake light switch and the other one goes to the tail light hot wire.With a test light you can determine where each one is to be hooked to.
                    Q:wiring dimmer switch for ceiling fan correctly?
                    enable me initiate out by making use of asserting that the cord's popping out of the ceiling bypass like this, Black cord is alway the warm cord the White cord is often the common floor cord the bare cord is the earth floor cord. if there's a purple cord popping out of the ceiling it is so which you would be able to turn the mild off at extra then one change . i'm uncertain what a hunter fan is ,yet what ever you do do no longer hook the black (warm) cord with the WHITE (floor) cord, in case you probably did try this ,you will could reset your breaker , it form of seems such as you may have 2 purple cord popping out of the ceiling , in case you do you may hook them to the Black / White cord, it is so which you would be able to paintings the mild from the two change.
                    Q:How much would a wiring harness cost?
                    Buying a wiring harness will be prohibitive, and even transplanting one from a wrecking yard can be expensive. The harness can be repaired by splicing in pieces of wire where wire is missing and splicing together damaged pieces of wire. It is tedious but not particularly time consuming - I spliced in a section of harness after an engine fire in about 2 hours, working slowly.

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