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                    Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

                    Ref Price:
                    Loading Port:
                    Payment Terms:
                    TT OR LC
                    Min Order Qty:
                    1000 pc
                    Supply Capability:
                    100000 pc/month

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                    Quality Product

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                    Timely Delivery

                    OKorder Service Pledge

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                    Product Description:

                    Galvanised steel device for mounting in concrete to provide an anchoring point
                    Also known as BT Iron Anchor 4
                    Product Attributes
                    Iron Anchor
                    Unit of Measure


                    Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

                    Product Description:

                    sheet metal stamping parts

                    Custom Anodized Aluminum Bending Parts sheet metal stamping parts


                    Stamping Parts:

                     Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron

                    Stamping Parts and Machined Parts:

                    Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron


                    QC Engineering Graphics:

                    Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron



                    Production Capacity:

                    Iron anchor No.4 galvanized spec BS 729 Anchor iron


                    Q1.What is your main products?
                    A1:Our main products are stamping parts and machined parts.

                    Q2. How to ensure that every process's quality?

                    A2:Every process will be checked by our quality inspection department which insures every product's quality. In the production of products, we will personally go to the factory to check the quality of products.
                    Q3.How long is your delivery time?
                    A3:Our delivery time is generally 30 to 45 days. Or according to the quantity.
                    Q4. What is your payment method?
                    A4:30% value of T/T in advance and other 70% balance on B/L copy.
                    For small order less than 1000USD, would suggest you pay 100% in advance to reduce the bank charges.
                    Q5.Can you provide a sample?
                    A5:Sure, Our sample is provided after receiving the tooling cost and courier fees.

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                    Q:I swallowed one of my brackets?? (braces)?
                    Your i teeth most likely popped out of your gums or where completely messed up like mine where. They put like i dont even remember it was a year ago now, they put like a wire there then they put a bracket a few months later and then they put a wire on when it was close enough, its probably nothing to worry about but just in case your case is diff than mine give them a call.
                    Q:Why do news article writers put brackets over letters of words in quotes?
                    Sorry, not sure about this
                    Q:bottom bracket length?
                    Bottom bracket spindle length depends on the actual crank you will be using, and also the frame design. There is no universal bottom bracket spindle length for double cranks, low profile designs can use spindles as short as 102 mm, while other types can be as much as 20 mm longer. If the bike shop you went to has no idea about spindle length, try another. You could also try to see if your crank is sold on the internet, often websites give suggestions for the correct bottom bracket to go with the crank you are buying.
                    Q:my Braces bracket flossing?
                    you still have to floss when you have braces and the more you do it the less it hurts. Becuase i had braces and everytime i went they told me off cos i didnt floss! then as soon as i started flossing the next time i got them off :D and flossing will decrese ugly red puffy gums! xx
                    Q:I broke off two brackets and a third one is bent like sideways and the wire is bent?
                    A broken bracket / wire means a trip to your orthodontist, same day if possible. I'm not sure why you waited so long but they can fix you up pretty easily. Your not going to get in trouble, but of course your teeth aren't correcting on your right side now, so every day you wait is just adding to your treatment time. Your orthodontist will yell at you for not coming in sooner, not for breaking a bracket. You're obviously new to braces and still learning how to not mess them with food. Good luck!
                    Q:Broken Bracket what should I do ?
                    If the bracket or band is still attached to wire, leave it in place. If it is uncomfortable, cover it with wax. If it comes out completely, bring it with you your next appointment or just call for an appointment earlier than your last scheduled one. PLEASE DON'T CONNECT HEADGEAR OR ELASTICS TO ANY LOOSE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope I helped!!! 3
                    Q:Playoff Bracket Question?
                    no, that is not howthey are laid out and why you wont have an ordinary bracket. the highest seed plays the lowest seed every round. so if seeds #1,2,3,4 all win. then 1 plays 4, 2 plays 3. you could maybe find round by round brackets.
                    Q:how to change the Chainset and Botton Bracket?
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                    Q:how do i find my bracket?
                    How the hell do you lose a bracket? Try checking your internet history for yesterday you retard.

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