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                    Triangular Form Traveller

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                    Trianngular form traveler has the advantages of low gravity of front
                    trancerse beam, safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during
                    walking, etc..
                    During the designing of the form traveller, we always provide
                    different modes of traction, such as hydraulic pushing mode or
                    pulling mode, and chain hoist mode, etc. to the constructors for their
                    The design of the form traveller could be divided into two types:
                    external sliding girder and self-moving exteral formwork according to
                    de construction conditions. When the site condition does not allow
                    to remove the form traveller at the closure part which have to go
                    backwards to segment, the second type is suggested.

                    ● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

                    ● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

                    ● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

                    ● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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                    Q:Operating rules for hanging baskets
                    The hanging basket construction technology of formwork installation requirements is very high, must be strong, to prevent overturning, concrete pouring down. In addition, the control of formwork elevation is directly related to the precision of pouring concrete and the height of the box girder. Therefore, the elevation of formwork must be determined according to the pre camber of the design and the deflection of the basket.Technical specification for operation of formwork must pay attention to the following points: A1 first before using the rod on the beam bottom die height; B1 theodolite fixed bottom die axis; C1 fixed bottom die, covered with plastic plates, and adjust the width of the middle floor steel frame production to adjust the width of the bottom mold; the elevation of D, adjusting the lateral mode and the edge template and inclination; the elevation of E1 using the template template before adjusting rod.
                    Q:What are the key processes of hanging basket construction
                    5, construction of prestressed beam shape control; 6, 7; and the closure above and the construction of system transformation are met according to arrangement of students problems in practical work and, for reference, if there is a problem, please timely communication.
                    Q:Seven techniques of hanging basket
                    Concrete pouring management should pay attention to seven technical measures10, 1 square hole. When pouring the concrete at the bottom of the roof, the roof plate can be opened on the two 50x 50 cm square hole, the concrete poured into the hole, to be completed after the completion of the concrete pouring floor sealing hole;10.2. is not overweight. When hanging basket construction concrete pouring V type pier, the difference between the pouring weight of the cross box girder and the cross shore box girder can not exceed 15 tons;10.3. symmetry. When pouring concrete in the same box girder section, it is necessary to carry out the operation of the left and right symmetry, so as to avoid the lateral displacement of the guide beam and cause the displacement of the front plane of the beam;
                    Q:In the construction of the bridge hanging basket, the temporary prestress
                    Almost the same procedure. Install jack, Jack extended a distance, not fully stretched
                    Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket
                    The construction scheme of rhombic truss type hanging basket: a brief introduction of the main structure of the main bridge of the North Branch bridge of Nanjing Second Yangtze River Bridge is 90+3*l65+90 (m) of the five span prestressed concrete continuous box girder. The main span of 165m is the first in the same type of bridge in china. According to the design requirements, the construction method needs to use cantilever pouring construction technology and then through the closure and system conversion into continuous beam
                    Q:The post tensioned prestressed anchorage of suspension bridge can be reused?
                    Obviously not, after a method is used to anchor the pre-stressed anchorage prestressed reinforcement
                    Q:Hanging basket construction must be both sides at the same time construction?
                    Hanging basket is hanging on the structure of the tool type scaffolding, its movement by crane or tower crane
                    Q:After the completion of prestressed tension grouting on the basket can move forward
                    Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the grouting process. Do not allow the prestressed tension after the completion of the grouting on the basket forward. In reality no grouting on the hanging basket forward without accident, mainly due to the design is conservative, safety factor and other factors, to ensure the normal operation of the structure, however, once appear quality accident, it will investigate the problems existing in the construction.
                    Q:Construction of hanging basket. Pouring concrete and new concrete, how to achieve good adhesion
                    Web must be maintained on both sides of the relative balance, the difference between the two sides of the concrete shall not be greater than 2m3. Two the cantilever end box Liang Bixu is symmetrically placed at the same time.
                    Q:Characteristics of the hanging basket
                    Single total weight of 56.6 tons (excluding side die, die), can be poured a span of 4 meters, weight of 125 tons of reinforced concrete box girder. The hanging basket is manufactured in the factory, and the pre pressure is installed on the site. After checking the safety of the hanging basket and detecting the deflection of the guide beam, the formwork of the box girder, the binding steel bar, the installation of the corrugated pipe and the pouring concrete can be set up. After pouring a pair of beam sections, the prestressed concrete is fixed, and then the hanging basket is moved forward, and the pouring of the next section of the box beam is carried out until the end of the cantilever end.

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