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      Triangular Form Traveller

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      Trianngular form traveler has the advantages of low gravity of front
      trancerse beam, safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during
      walking, etc..
      During the designing of the form traveller, we always provide
      different modes of traction, such as hydraulic pushing mode or
      pulling mode, and chain hoist mode, etc. to the constructors for their
      The design of the form traveller could be divided into two types:
      external sliding girder and self-moving exteral formwork according to
      de construction conditions. When the site condition does not allow
      to remove the form traveller at the closure part which have to go
      backwards to segment, the second type is suggested.

      ● Low gravity of front trancerse beam

      ● Applicable to large-scale stay-cable cantilever casting bridge with wide bridge deck

      ● Safe & easy operation, easy fixing, and safty during walking

      ● Big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal

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      Q:Is there any paperwork and forms a traveler from USA to Dubai should look into?
      You do not need any paperwork if you travel to Dubai. USA citizens do not need visa for Dubai. You can just go trough the immigration and they will give you a visitor visa for 30 days.
      Q:How to deal with the broken of the cross beam of the hanging basket
      Measurement of cracks can be watered with black ink, and then cut a section of cracks observed.The subsequent construction, the need to strengthen quality control, especially the control of masonry cracks in protective layer, the protective layer is too large or because most of the causes of cast-in-situ box cantilever especially should improve the understanding of crack, prestressed anchor head near the pipeline, after the proposal directly after chiseling epoxy resin mending.
      Q:Under what circumstances the use of hanging basket construction
      For some as far as possible to prefabricated parts, generally using prefabricated pieces of Oh, but according to the safety, economy and quality is more easy to monitor oh.
      Q:Construction scheme of hanging basket
      Each pier is equipped with 23 cantilever sections: 5*2.5m + 5*3.0m + 5*3.5m + 8*4.0m. Beam length of 4.0m, maximum weight 156 tons. The cross section of the box girder: the width of the top plate is 15.42m, the width of the web is 7.5m, and the height of the beam is changed from 0 8.8m to the 3.0m of the block 23 according to the two parabola.
      Q:Continuous beam cantilever hanging perfusion, the most reasonable construction period is how long
      Continuous beam of a block of the construction period of about 10 days to about 12 days, the 10 day is a bit illegal operation
      Q:Construction process of hanging basket
      In the construction of the bridge, the construction of the beam (usually continuous beam) is from the pier symmetrically to both sides. The utility model relates to a device which is arranged at the end part of the support and is used for fixing the beam template.
      Q:What should be paid attention to in the construction of cast in place box girder of long span bridge hanging basket
      Main cause:1) no sprinkler health;2) the thermal insulation performance of the template is not good, the temperature difference between inside and outside is too large.
      Q:What is the use of hanging basket
      Are you talking about the construction of the bridge? Generally refers to the construction of continuous beams do not support the use of a special construction process
      Q:Can the vertical prestress of the hanging basket be tensioned after the subsequent section construction?
      In order to improve the service performance of prestressed structure, during the construction to the structure of pre applied stress structures of pre compressive stress can be wholly or partially offset load caused by tensile stress, avoid structural damage. Commonly used in concrete structure, concrete structure under load is before, in advance to put pressure on it to make it in the outside load when the concrete tensile stress compressive stress produced in order to offset or reduce the load due to the tensile stress, the structure in the case of normal cracks or crack late.
      Q:Hanging basket construction steel binding labor costs a ton of money
      Specific include: including equipment installation, removal, transportation, raw material transportation, loading and unloading vehicles, on-site storage custody

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