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                    Wire Brush

                    Ref Price:
                    $5.80 / pc
                    Loading Port:
                    Qingdao Port
                    Payment Terms:
                    TT or LC
                    Min Order Qty:
                    1000 pcs pc
                    Supply Capability:
                    10000 pcs pc/month

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                    Timely Delivery

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                    Product Description:


                    Specifications of Wire Brush:

                    1.Heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surface

                    2.Weld scale and corrosion removal

                    3.cleaning scale and corrosion, rust and paint removal

                    4.Crimped wire higher flexibility for light cleaning and removal

                    5.cleaning especially on irregular surface

                    outer diameter

                    inner diameter


                    wire diameter





                    All size we can as client’s request.


                    Usage/Applications of

                    Wire Brush:

                    1. Polish, pull rough, rust clearance
                    2. Dirt reduce, oil relieve
                    3. Scaling,depolishing


                    Packaging & Delivery of Wire Brush:

                    standard export package,we also can make according to customer's design.

                    Wire Brush


                    Wire Brush


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