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                    Sales Network

                    Overseas Branches

                    With overseas branches around the world, including offices in the United States, UAE, Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, and many more, we can ensure that our customers' products are sold the world over.

                    Overseas Logistics Parks

                    CNBM plans to build an additional five overseas logistics parks to support OKorder鈥檚 online trading, as well as serve as storage, sales support, and distribution and after-sales centers for our overseas customers. Our Dubai Logistics Park was established and brought into operation in August of 2013.
                    The Dubai Logistics Park will service Middle East, South Asian and North African markets.
                    The South African Logistics Park will serve East African markets.
                    The Nigerian Logistics Park will serve the West African and Central African markets.
                    The Brazilian Logistics Park will cover the Latin American Market.